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02 May 2023: Reuters reports on bearish postioning by hedge funds trading consumer sector stocks in anticipation of harder times ahead and belt tightening by US consumers. Patrick Ghali was interviewed.

28 April 2023: Hedge funds shorting equities has been a prominent theme of the last few days. Following publication of the most recent data from HFR, Bilal Jafar reports in Financial News on how hedge funds "are exploring "both sides" of the market to find alpha". Risk weary investors are allocating to equity hedge fund managers as a hedge against markets uncertainty", contributes Patrick Ghali. "It's unsurprising that investors don't trust the current market direction. Bilal's full report can be read here.

14 April 2023: Patrick Ghali explores the progression of AI with Asset Management and considers whether latest advances in AI may deliver the ‘holy grail’ of autonomously traded portfolios in an insightful contributed editorial for Hedgeweek. You can read Patrick's full article here.

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