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18 July 2023: This year, Sussex Partners celebrates its 20th anniversary, a passage of time that has seen very many changes in and evolution of the hedge fund industry; high and lows, headline making implosions and spectacular successes, the loss of some legendary investors and new challenges yet to be met. Patrick Ghali writes a reflective contributed editorial for Hedgeweek, looking back as over 20 years of working with global hedge funds and offers a few thoughts on what the future might bring.

12 July 2023: Patrick Ghali is quoted in this article by Hamna Asim which reports on analysis by Yahoo Finance of the 25 quoted companies in Q1 2023 with the largest number of hedge fund investors, a list that is dominated by the global tech giants and e-commerce companies. The full list can be accessed here.

22 June 2023: Bilal Jafar reports on different fee models introduced by some of the larger hedge fund managers to offset the decline in the traditional 2&20 fee structure. Patrick Ghali provides an investor view, pointing out that performance return risk adjusted and net-of-fees is ultimately what counts. The full article can be read here (FN subscriber restricted).

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