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Sussex Partners advises its institutional client base on bespoke alternative investment solutions across hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, alternative risk premia and ESG/impact investments. Our global footprint and research capabilities allow us  to provide very specific and tailored support for investors and organisations looking to manage their alternative investment exposures. These mandates usually encompass overall portfolio constraints and targets, beyond just the alternative allocation.

Our advisory services include:

  • Individual fund analysis, selection and monitoring (including initial and ongoing due diligence).

  • Development and implementation of a platform or approved list of alternative investments.

  • Creation and ongoing advisory of custom hedge fund portfolios (e.g. white labelled, limited to a single client or open to external investors).

  • Acting as outsourced CIO for alternative investments or investment committee member.

We are agnostic when it comes to investment structures and jurisdictions. Solutions can be implemented through a portfolio, managed accounts, or be wrapped in a fund or other structure as required.  Our sole concern is to provide investment content that best suits client needs. Regulatory, capital requirement, tax and reporting considerations all inform the solutions we create for our clients.

Knowledge transfer and education are also an important part of what Sussex Partners is offering its clients. We work very closely with our clients and become an extension of existing internal skills and supplement them as required.


Preferential access to managers, including capacity and improved fee terms round off our offering.

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How Sussex Partners has helped its clients


A capital requirement constrained treasury department of a bank wanted a cash efficient pure alpha exposure to a diversifying portfolio of hedge fund strategies for its proprietary capital.


Sussex Partners built a diversified portfolio of strategies to meet the client’s objectives and addressed the capital requirement by using  a managed account platform and accessing this via an unfunded swap. This allowed daily liquidity and full position level transparency as an added element of risk management Sussex Partners provided monthly reporting, monitoring and reallocation recommendations.

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