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First and foremost Sussex believes in acting as a trusted steward of our clients‘ capital in accordance with mutually developed risk/return guidelines. Both multi managers and single managers selected should be in concert with Sussex‘s stated principles of integrity, stability, consistency, and performance.


Sussex ascribes to a top down assessment of opportunities based upon the global macro economic/market environment (as forward looking as is reasonable), coupled with a vigorous bottom up manager selection process.


While client driven, Sussex seeks managers, and thus portfolios, that are consistently alpha generating. However, well timed beta derived from market dislocations is alpha. Managers should have the highest pedigree, be approaching a market differently where appropriate, and have developed a difficult to replicate business model.


Short term performance, while head turning, is secondary to meeting the cycle‘s return and volatility objectives. When a strategy or return profile is not easily explained, understood, or surprising, Sussex looks elsewhere.


Sussex aims to be high touch, responsive, and a valued advisor to both investors and managers.

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