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25 August 2023: Courtney Degen reports on the 'softening' of proposed changes in the rules governing private funds advisers but many in the industry remain concerned. "Holding sophisticated managers to a higher standard than retail-facing mutual funds seems overly bureaucratic." suggests Sussex Partners' CIO Jim Neumann. P&I subscribers can read the full article here.

24 August 2023: “Markets that have rallied for nearly 10 months as interest rates rise and earnings fall are likely to be increasingly unpredictable” warns Patrick Ghali. Sussex Partners contributes to Eric Uhlfelder's latest Quarterly review of the US market at 1H 2023 and survey of the Top 50 performing investment funds. The full report can be read here.

31 July 2023: This autumn/Fall marks 20 years since Sussex Partners was founded, a two-decade period that has witnesses much change in the global hedge fund industry. Spectacular highs and lows, successes and failures, legendary investors and headline worthy managers, and a few headline grabbing 'bad apples'. Sussex Partners has been a trusted adviser to global investing institutions throughout that time, helping them to allocate to global, best-in-class hedge fund managers, with a particular focus also on Asia, and to create bespoke investment portfolios across geographies. We hold ourselves to the same high standard of excellence that we expect from the hedge fund managers we recommend - Consistency, Stability, Integrity and Superior Performance. We are honoured by this profile of our firm written by veteran hedge fund journalist Hugh Leask and published in AlternativesWatch, which marks 20 years of Sussex Partners' existence - and we look forward to the next two decades with equal enthusiasm and commitment. Click here to read the full write-up.

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