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9 January 2024: We are very happy to share the fifth annual AlphaWeek and Sussex Partners Japan Hedge Fund Industry Survey. It remains the only such survey, and we are very grateful to all the managers who supported us again this year.

With Japan back in the focus of investors we hope that this will be a useful tool and of interest to a broad range of investors and managers alike. The full article can be found here.

15 November 2023: Bei Hu and Nishant Kumar report for Bloomberg on changing hedge fund charging structures and how a growing number of managers in Asia are looking to adopt a pass-through fees model as they seek to compete in the region with increasing interest from the global multi-manager giants such as Millennium and Citadel. Investors need to take care, cautions Sussex Partners, to understand what expenses are being passed through. Bloomberg subscribers can read the full article here.

15 November 2023: After months of steering clear of China, institutional asset managers are beginning to turn their attention eastwards once more, writes Summer Zhen for Reuters. Sussex Partners has also found its clients "re-engaging". There's plenty of evidence why in Summer's well research article, the full text of which is linked here.

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