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16 June 2023: Reuters reports on the relationship between prime brokers and hedge funds and how that is changing in the wake of recent events. Click here for the full article.

29 May 2023: Caitlin McCabe reports on the dichotomy between quant fund systematic buying of equities and the caution of mainstream investors and active managers in the face of potential US recession and unprecedented debt default. The result: dampened volatility. This is an interesting analysis piece which WSJ subscribers can link to here.

18 May 2023: Africa is a country of growing interest for US asset owners reports Pensions & Investments but investing in Africa remains a niche market for hedge fund managers and investors. Patrick Ghali contributes to a rare country report on Africa in the investments press which looks at how some of the largest US pension funds are thinking about and responding to the burgeoning potential of Africa as they seek out new markets to drive risk balanced returns. The full article can be read here.

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