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Sussex Partners has close advisory relationships with some of the most sophisticated hedge fund investors globally, providing them with bespoke solutions. These include corporate, state and national pension funds, pension consultants, banks, family offices, insurance companies, funds of hedge funds, and private banks. With offices in the UK, Switzerland and Cayman Islands, we work with a range of hedge fund managers from across the globe. These investments are carefully selected based on Sussex Partners’ four core principles: consistency, stability, integrity and superior performance.

Since 2003, Sussex Partners has developed an experienced research team and longstanding network of contacts to provide broad coverage of the global alternatives market and access to both blue chip and less well-known funds.


We look for consistent, reliable managers not only in terms of the fund’s returns, but also in the organisation, the principals and operations of the manager. Our deep research process facilitates a detailed understanding of the managers we work with, covering their operational resources, investment team and investment philosophy, helping us to monitor and understand how their returns are generated on a month-to-month basis. We look for funds which have proven themselves consistently in multiple market environments.


Based on this research, we are able to help build and develop a diversified hedge fund allocations for our institutional clients, whether that be in the form of a platform or short-list for them to offer to their own investors, or a fully customised portfolio designed to complement existing investments, monitored and adapted on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in the pool of available managers and the market environment in which they are operating.

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